The Piadina Romagnola

by Il mio Granaio
23 April 2022

Piadina Romagnola, also called piada, is an unleavened bread that is a classic of Italy's Romagna regio; made with flour, water, lard or extra virgin olive oil, it is cooked on a griddle or on a kind of flat skillet known as a "testo"; perfect when filled with cheese and cold cuts or as a substitute for bread. 

Given its character of simple, fast and popular food, today piadina is one of the most used and appreciated foods of Romagna and just saying its name brings to mind memories of Rimini's beaches and summer evenings spent at the seaside.

But the piada, a food that has to be carefully thought out and put together but which has been relegated to the position of "the poor man's food" for centuries, has finally entered the realm of "Michelin-starred cuisine" thank to incredible chefs who over time have begun to suggest unusual and different combinations and fillings, although always using produce from Romagna and the region's gastronomy as a starting point.

In short, an easy and age-old preparation, made with simple and popular ingredients, which thanks to its versatility and goodness has today become one of the most famed and best-known dishes from Romagna in the world.


How to fill a piadina

When it comes to filling a piadina, there are many possible variations and there is plenty of room to play around with combinations, whether you want to prepare a classic piada or try something more original that takes into account certain dietary restrictions.

One of the most common classic filling combinations includes products from the land where the piadina was born, Emilia Romagna: prosciutto crudo, Squacquerone cheese and rocket.


Cold cuts

In terms of cured meats, the most common are mortadella (particularly Mortadella di Bologna), spalla (shoulder ham), coppa Piacentina (cured pork neck) and Salame Felino, as well as the classic speck, cooked ham and bresaola.



As for cheeses, the choice is very varied and includes both sweet and smoked Scamorza, Crescenza, Brie, Provola and Robiola. These cheeses are ideal when they need to be "companion" cheeses as they are not too overpowering. Those who prefer a stronger cheese taste to their piada can opt for Taleggio, Gruyère, Burrata and Gorgonzola.



Apart from rocket, vegetable fillings for a piadina can include corn salad, celery, watercress, grilled vegetables and other vegetables such as courgette, especially if you want to prepare a vegetarian piadina.


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