Pasta Armando is made only from 100% italian wheat, cultivated as part of a direct supply chain in place with growers in central-southern Italy and Armando's Pasta Factory.


The Armando Supply chain is based on a strict cultivation protocol and selected varieties of durum wheat, using agricultural techniques that guarantee the production of a healty raw material of excellent quality.

Armando supports and values Italian agriculture, which represents an immense heritage when it comes to culture and tradition. The Armando Supply chain demonstrates how growing excellent quality durum wheat is possible in Italy, thanks to the use of virtuous supply models based on the cooperation with farmers.


Pasta Armando is special because it has a wide variety of shapes that maintain great firmness during cooking and which are perfect for everyday meals and also for special accasion dishes. All made with 100% Italian ingredients, from durum wheat of the Armando supply chain, milled in the mill integrated inside the pasta factory, to organic Italian wheat, spelt and legumes, all grown in Italy and strictly controlled.